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A girl with dark blue is kneeling on the ground panting heavily her bright red eyes staring up at a figure towering over her. Sweat drips from her brow as she clenches her sword in her hand and in a blink she shoots up to her feet and thrusts her sword towards the figure, but it is deflected easily, the figure spins around standing where the girl once stood while she stands where he once stood. Her panting increases as she holds onto her sword tighter as she focuses her eyes wanting nothing more than to strike at the figure standing in front of her and in another blink she began swinging her sword with precision and skill each strike aiming for a vital point on the figure’s body. The girl was fast, very fast the eye can barely keep track of her movements her strikes were blurs it was amazing that the figure was dodge each of her attacks with such ease.The girl tried to attack the figure for several minutes each strike though only hit the air and not once did the figure ever counter attack instead the figure wait until the girl was starting to run out of breath and slow down. The figure grabbed the girl’s sword and held it so tightly that it shattered, the girl let out a surprised gasp before being knocked to the floor letting out a groan as she hit the hardwood floor as the figure towers over her again.

Shadow: “That is enough for now.”

The figure speaks as the room lightens up the girl covering her face as she lets out an audible groan.

Shadow: Walks away from the girl hands behind his back as he begins to speak. “You’re still to weak my daughter, if you can’t even land a blow on an old man like me how can the people of our empire ever one day call you Empress?”

The figure’s name is Shadow, well it’s more of a title really his real name was abandoned the day he became The Shadow, leader of the Syven Empire. The Syven are aliens that look very similar to humans and even share a similar autonomy, however the Syven have many different skin tones(For Example a green skin), hair colors(For example blue hair) and eye colors(For example red eyes) as well as being much taller than the average human, the average Syven is about six feet seven inches (about two meters) Syven are also Immortal, but the biggest difference between humans and Syvens is that Syvens can use something called Shadowmancy, only those with Syven blood can use this magic. Though it’s not really magic, it’s a type of inner power those with Syven blood can use to great effect, Shadowmancy is not affected by magic canceling charms or wards, which is why it isn’t considered magic. Shadowmancy can be used for a number of things from combat, to construction, a skilled Shadowmancer can use their abilities to create a metal known as Shadow Metal this metal does not rust and does not wear, it is one of the strongest metals in the known universe which is why every building on a Syven controlled world is either made with this metal or reinforced with this metal.

Shadow: “We are at war my daughter, each day The Galactic Liberation Army gain more and more followers from the planets we have conquered, these groups of rag tag rebels have become organized and extremely dangerous my daughter. Now is not the time for mercy we must be rash we must be strong, we will show these rebels that we will not tolerate insubordination, do you understand my daughter?”    

Princess: After hearing her father’s words she sat up and let out a heavy sigh, looking up at her father. “I understand father.”

The room they were in was littered with broken swords and empty guns, the smell of plasma, smoke and sweat fill the air, every weapon rack was bare every ammo crate empty. Shadow had been practicing with his daughter for hours everyday of every week since a major trade route for the Syven had been cut off by the GLA. The Princess had felt herself getting exhausted by all this training, she wasn’t sure how much more she could take before she finally shut down.

Princess: She took a while before she managed to stand up and dust herself off. “If that is all father I will excuse myself.” She bows and leaves the room when her father tells her it’s okay. She returns to her room and wastes no time in collapsing face first onto the bed letting out a heavy sigh. She rolls over and looks up and the ceiling her arm across her forehead as her eye’s trail around her room her ceiling and walls clad in a light red paint, a chandelier dangles from the ceiling, the sliding glass doors leading to her balcony that overlooked the capitol were locked shut, the floor was covered in bright white tiles, her large circular bed was large enough to hold at least four people, she grips at her chibi bear sheet’s before she hears the door to her bedroom open. “You don’t know how to knock do you?” she says rolling her eyes as a smile creeps on her face as she looks over to the man that walks in. “What if I was getting changed?”

Ckrel: He snickers “Well it wouldn’t have been the first time.” The dark haired man gives her a warm smile he’s bright blue eyes sparkle in the light of the moon as she shines through the skylight, as he shuts the door behind him. “You okay Nessa?” he asks walking over to the princess taking a seat next to her.  

Nessa: “You know you're not allowed to call me by my name anymore Ckrel.” She says sitting up on the bed  letting him sit down next to her. “So what brings my loyal bodyguard here?” she asks him knowing he doesn’t just come to talk anymore.

Ckrel: “Well I know the Emperor has been working you to exhaustion and it seems to be taking it’s toll so I decided to come here and tell you that if you need anyone to vent your frustration on i’m here.” he looks to the princess and smiles.

Nessa: Can’t help herself she rolls her eyes at Ckrel and grabs a pillow smacking him in the face with it. “Dork.” she chuckles before resting her hands on her lap and a smile on her face as she looks at Ckrel fall over from the impact of the pillow. “I’m one hundred and twenty six and you're still treating me like a child, you really aren’t like other Karr.”

Ckrel: “Ooof!” he falls back onto the bed after the princess attacks him with a pillow. “Rude.” he says pulling the pillow off his face. “So you’re just learning this now?” he looks up at her and returns her smile. “Well I am fifty years older than you after all, it’s only proper for me to look after you like a little sister.”

Nessa: Can only smile at his kind words before she lays down next to him. “Thank you for coming, but really I’m fine, I understand why father is doing this, but he’s draining me of everything I have I just want sometime to rest I haven’t even been able to work on my sword with how hard he’s pushing me.”

Ckrel: “You're still working on that half angel half demon sword?”  he asks propping himself up on his arms as he looks over at the desk where she keeps the half finished sword. “You turned it into a double blade?” he looks to her.

Nessa: She nods “Yes, it was the only way to keep a perfect balance between the dark magic and the light magic, the pieces of the blades I found are extremely powerful, more powerful than anything I have ever felt before.” She gets up off the bed and walks over to the sword and runs her finger across the five foot long(about 1.5meters) and four foot wide(about 1.2 meters)blades. “This sword will be the most powerful weapon ever developed by mortal hands, I can feel it. All I need to do is make sure I set the runes in correctly so I can control the magic of the blade easily.” She says looking back over at Ckrel as she let’s out a sweet yawn before walking over to him and laying down next to him. “I can’t do it know though i’m to tired and unfocused.”

Ckrel: “Alright I’ll let you get some sleep then.” he pats her on the head and smiles as he leaves her room shutting the door behind him.

Nessa: “Later…” she yawns resting her head down on a pillow not even bothering to change out of her combat gear before she drifts off into a deep slumber.
The First War:Chapter 2 The Syven Princess
Hey Chapter two is here, I wanted to type a little more then what I did with it but I just got stumped, everything I thought of just felt like it didn't fit or was to early to revel yet, anyway I hope you enjoy it and i'm always open to Critique. 
In the Beginning there was but two creatures, two creatures that would create the universe as we know it. One being was a holy being one that was pure of heart and sought to create a perfect world, a world that would know no pain, no loss, no hate, his name was Odite. The other was a creature of pure evil a being that wished to kill Odite and create his own world where chaos reigned, his name was Caine. Caine and Odite argued in the black nothingness for countless ages trying to decide what to create to fill this void they were both in.Caine soon became fed up with the cowardly Odite and his ideas for the world and attacked his fellow deity in a fit of rage, Odite defended himself and soon a great battle began. However both gods had no idea that their skirmish would create not just one world, but many worlds, countless worlds, each god put all of their power into one attack and the collision of this extraordinary power caused a massive explosion which enveloped both gods. Once the dust cleared both gods were still alive but had used much of their power in the battle, during this pause both gods locked eyes with one another before they found themselves floating in space. The gods were surprised at what they had created, they looked around the immediate area and once they both had recovered they traveled around the newly created universe and found out it was nearly endless, the explosion from their battle was still traveling and creating more and more worlds. However the calm didn’t last Caine still wanted chaos to rule and Odite wanted virtue to rule, so their great battle had begun anew. They fought each other to stalemate after stalemate after stalemate, however Caine had an idea, a plan that would give him an edge over Odite, so he fled to the darkest corner of the universe. Caine wasted no time in creating a place that he could call home a place he could retreat to in order to safely regain his strength after each battle with Odite and it was his version of a perfect world a world of fire and darkness a wasteland he could call home. He then created creatures for this world, creatures that had the same ideals as he did and he called these creatures, Demons. Caine returned to where he left Odite to find that Odite had done what he had done, while Odite created his perfect world Odite created his own and filled with creatures Odite called Angels. Odite had created a massive wall to protect his newly created world from Caine and his demons, however Caine was determined to tear that wall down before tearing Odite and his world apart. However Caines attack was failing the angels were skilled combatants and the majority of the demon forces were wingless and the angels were capitalizing on that by attacking the demons from above, Caine was quick thinking though. He cut himself with his sword and with a mixture of his power and his blood he created a twelve powerful demons known as Majin, these demons all had the powers of Caine, while their powers were weaker than Caine’s they had enough of his power to eliminate legions of angels by themselves and with each kill they grew in power. The Majin had gained so much power that they were able to create the Titans, massive Demons with incredible power, however using so much power had drained them now while they were able to still handle the common angels rather easily the Majin were no match for Odite’s secret weapons. Castitas(Chastity), Temperantia(Temperance), Caritas(Charity), Industria(Diligence), Patientia(Patience),  Benevolentia(Kindness), Humilitas(Humility) otherwise known as the seven virtues or the seven Archangels. These seven angels were able to not only kill the weakened Majin with ease but single handedly drive back the demon invasion driving them back to their cursed home. Caine was humiliated and defeated while he did gain the Titans many of them were killed in battle and other simply disappeared, only six had returned to the demon home Chaos. Caine would not allow this defeat to stand in order to combat these Archangels he decided to create their polar opposites, Luxuria(Lust),  Gula(Gluttony), Avaritia(Greed), Acedia(Sloth), Ira(Wrath), Invidia(Envy), Superbia(Pride). These seven demon kings would become Caine’s top generals and each lead a different legion of demon into battle, what Caine never expected on was the demons would change shape form  and even powers based on the king they would follow. Lust’s demons became demons of desire known as Succubi and Incubi, Gluttony’s demons became demons of hunger known as Devourers, Greed’s demons became demons obsessed with collecting and hoarding things of value they would later be known as Dragons, Sloth’s demons became sluggish and hulking they would become the Crushers, Wraths Demons were consumed by rage or feed off rage those that were consumed by it became know as the Berserkers those that fed off it became known as the Death Knights, Envy’s demons became obsessed with copying the moves of others they became the Shifters, Pride’s demons became overconfident in their abilities they would later be known as Demon Samurai. These changes allowed Caine to gain an advantage over the Angels in their next battle and while he still failed to breach the gates of heaven he did gain a valuable prize, the Archangel Chastity became his prisoner. Though what the gods did not know is that their victory would not come from being stronger than the other it would be from a new form of life Caine and Odite fates rested in the hands of mortals, unlike angels and demons the mortals can choose to follow the path of light or the path darkness. This is where our story begins on a mortal world in the year 2649 with the birth  of a mortal girl a girl who will be the Catalyst for the events that will lead to the end of The First War.                    
The First War:Chapter 1 Two Gods
YEA My first post in like two years, and i'm not very proud of it.... -w-

I want to get into the new world I have been planning for those Stories I wrote ages ago, so I felt as though I needed to add a little back story I really didn't feel like doing it but felt it was needed so I did it anyway, it's okay but it's not what I am really looking for in this set of stories I plan on writing, but now that this is out of the way I can dig deep and get into writing the story I wanted this series to become when it was called the GLA. I hope that anyone that is a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy will want to read this and hopefully enjoy it. I am determined to make this an enjoyable read for all of you because this is going to be a very, very,very long journey for all of us.  
Yea yea I'm here, don't worry i'm not dead (yet) Anyway im working on a very Special 3D animation and depending on how well it does I may take my Animating to the next level and start making money off my animations. I'm working in the student edition of Maya for this project. Because its its free. then, if this does well enough I may buy Poser Pro 2014 since its only 500$ compared to Maya's 2400$ I'm really hopeing this will take off like i'm hoping it will. I would really love it when I'm done if some of you guys can spread the word for me.
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